Mango Trifle

Blessed with a few back home, Alhamdulillah... :)
Mangoes are so much in season... before the madness ends, I wanted to take advantage by trying loads of recipes. Unfortunately, whatever we seem to get at home, is just disappearing! My kids at home eat one mango after another as though they both are competing for the title of the "fastest mango eater"! Moreover I had mentioned earlier that they are not very fond of their fruits being juiced, so I don't bother myself to make any milkshake or juice for them. I don't think I have to mention about the men in the house! The only thing I could make was the Mango Lassi and the other was this...

But I had to share this trifle that I made with you... Something that the kids and I devoured when we were not in a mood for an elaborate lunch - or read in between the lines, a lazy ummi!!! Hehe... No, no... don't worry, not that I starved them, in fact went for a very light lunch in the form of a sandwich, rather than our usually elaborate "rice, curry, stir fry and fish" meals and followed it up with this trifle. An awesome combination of the king of fruit itself, mango ice-cream, cake, nuts and some spices to spike it up, this is such an easy dessert to put together and devoured in the same speed!

PST: This is a photo intensive post... too many pictures and slides... kindly bare with me, this beauty of a dessert just kept tempting me to click and click and finally I had such a tough time just finalizing on which pictures need to be featured... :)

Mango Trifle
Serves 5


320 gm vanilla cake
500 ml mango ice-cream
2 medium mangoes, chopped into small pieces
Cardamom powder as required
Cinnamon powder as required
Chopped pistachios for garnish


Divide the cake into 5 equal portions. Chop them into medium sized pieces. Leave the ice cream on the kitchen top till soft. Beat slightly using a fork. Divide the ice cream and the mango pieces into 5 equal portions.

Line a part of cake at the bottom. Add some ice cream and mango pieces. Mildly sprinkle cinnamon and cardamom powders. Put in another layer of cake and finally top with remaining ice cream and mango slices. Sprinkle chopped pistachios on top.  Repeat this for the remaining 4 bowls.

Leave the trifle in the fridge for around an hour for the flavors to settle. Dig in and devour!!!



1. You can definitely make this in a large tray, for scooping out and serving, even though individual servings look more attractive!
2. You can fluff the cinnamon and cardamom powders into the ice-cream before layering it into the bowl.

Ending with an "AAM" joke...

Yes... before it runs away... hehe...

Since the long Pakistani mangoes are going to come into season anytime, I am really excited... hopefully I get to try some more recipes, at least one cake! Sheesh, do I sound desperate??? I hope so not... :)

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