Chaat Cup Corn

It feels nice to come back to live blogging after a few scheduled posts! Back from my mini vacation, and actually I don't know how to explain what I feel. I have come back to the same flat that my parents have lived for almost 29 years and I have lived 3 years less than that figure, considering that once we got married, we were on our own till Rasha came into our lives. If they would have stayed that many years in the same flat in our country, we would have been able to call it our own! Hehe... Jokes apart, despite wanting to shift flats, we decided to stay here for so many reasons, one which is definitely the convenience of our daughters. I have been travelling for many years now, even staying for a short period a couple of times before this time, but the feel of travelling back this year was very different. I guess this is the first time I hugged umma and cried while bidding farewell. Strange, is it? Well, umma and I have had a very formal relationship always, we always shook hands and wished salaam while leaving each other before. Why? Because we always knew and thought that we would see each other very soon, and that has been the case till now. But not this time.... I enter this house knowing that umma will never come as a resident but as a visitor, and that too on a very rare basis. What if I may not stay in this place for long? Only Allah knows the course of all lives, isn't it? As of now, I am going through this heavy feeling of setting up and changing a place which was primarily umma's all these years and from now on, would be mine, for Allah knows how long...

Since I have loads of drafts still lying and considering that this month has the lowest posts ever since I started blogging, I thought I must get back to my intention of cleaning up my "good looking" drafts! And thanks to the drafts, I don't have to start cooking in this lousy mood of mine to keep my blog alive, Alhamdulillah!!! A kid's favorite for this time.... I have already posted a pizza flavored corn recipe before, this is just another variation, an Indianised version so to say!

Chaat Cup Corn
Serves 4


3 cup frozen corn kernels
Salt to taste
20 gm butter
1 tbsp chaat masala
1/2 tbsp black pepper powder


Cook the corn kernels in hot water till soft. Drain.

In a bowl, add the remaining ingredients and put the hot drained corn on top. Mix vigorously until combined. Serve and devour immediately!

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