Rose Milk Pops

What a relief it was when I landed here and felt that the temperatures have gone down! I did go home expecting some rains, however all my hopes were seriously dented. While the first week saw some decent amount of rain, sometimes really heavy, the next week had literally nothing, apart from some drizzles that hardly wet the grass. The temperatures were literally hovering close to 30 degrees and it was pretty much warm, that I had to force the kids to wash themselves at least 3 times a day - one time in the morning, then evening and finally when they would go off to sleep! Very unlikely during the monsoons, however this time, we had a fair share of ice cream wherever we went.

Coming down here and seeing that the temperatures have gone below 40 degrees is really a relief. Now the climate will start getting better - hopefully! The climate these days is really funny, thanks to all the damage that our mankind has done to the Earth. We can't complain, but just hope that the Almighty shows a part of His Mercy and showers us with some good climate in the coming months! Just what the climate demands, here are some really easy pops that the kids would enjoy and literally wipe it out!

Rose Milk Pops
Makes 6 popsicles


250 ml milk
100 ml cream
1/4 cup rose syrup
1 tsp rose essence


Mix all in a bowl and pour into popsicles mould. Leave overnight in the fridge to set.

To release, dip the mould in hot water for 15 seconds. Pull out and enjoy!


I know that my pops look really light colored - the color largely depends upon the rose syrup used. The syrup I used had a really mild color and therefore the pops looks whitish! Add more if you feel it is not sweet enough.

I, for sure, have two models who are always ready and willing to allow me to click pictures of them. As long as they are well behaved, I really don't mind! :)

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