Teh Terik ~ Malaysian Milk Tea

It was my silent desire to go to Singapore during these holidays. I don't think I need to explain the reason. Singapore is a place I have wanted to go, but apart from that was my desire to meet Jehanne and Rekha. I really wanted to spend a couple of days talking about food, baking with them, observing how they work on their food photography... in fact, have some time just surrounding food. I planned, planned and planned. I had decided to stretch my budgets and take along the kids. Alas, nothing worked out! My leave is just 18 days, I got my tickets to and from home with so much difficulty mainly due to the peak season here, and on top of that, if I would have taken these days off, I would have to see a lot of brooding faces back home, who so eagerly waited for us to come and are so upset that we are staying for such less time! So there goes my cancelled plans and my sad heart... but for sure, I have made it up in my mind that I have to work this plan out at least next year, if not this year, InShaAllah... :)

To pacify myself, let me take you to the tea that is so synonymous to my friend Jehanne's native land. I don't know if you are aware, but Malaysia is the house to a lot of Keralite Muslims, who settled there ages ago and went on to be residents. My great grandfather was one of them. I have relatives who have their roots in Malaysia, families and businesses there. Even Jehanne is one - considering that she has already mentioned about it in her blog long time ago. Two things that they really treasure are the Kerala porottas and their karak chai. I guess it must be taken up from our Keralite blood that went and settled their. Jehanne always keeps telling that their cuisine is a melting pot of South Asian and Indian food, which I feel is true. A cousin of mine is married to a Malaysian - yes, whose roots are Keralite, of course. Sometimes, she cooks her limited Malaysian delicacies at home, however our tongues are such that we cannot take blank tastes and need a lot of spice, which is on the really lower side in their cuisine. Well, this is what I know really limited...

I came across this tea during my initial cooking madness, when I was browsing blog after blog. I really don't know where I referred to for this, but from the time I tried it the first time, I keep making it when I am in a mood for a sugar rush. Yep, the condensed milk gives it a different sugary feel altogether. What I love the most is the froth on the top. It remains in the tea till you finish it! Do you know what Teh Terik means? "Pulled tea" - no wonder the froth! :) Do try it if you are in a mood to play around with your usual cup of chai....

Teh Terik ~ Malaysia Milk Tea
Serves 1


1 cup water
1 tbsp tea powder/ dust
2 tbsp condensed milk


Heat the water and tea powder till the the tea gets strong. Switch off. Add the condensed milk and whisk till froth is formed. Pour from a height into your mug to maintain the froth.

Enjoy it before the froth deflates!


1. 2 tbsp condensed milk is pretty sweet but gives a lovely body to the tea. If you want it less sweet, you may replaced a tbsp of condensed milk with 2 tbsp evaporated milk.
2. The froth stays till the end, which is so good! I guess it came from the whisking as well as the pouring part! :)

Want to see a variation? Here is the ginger flavored teh terik from Jehanne herself, do check it out here... and believe me, it is a really nostalgic post with some awesome snaps, as usual... :)

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