Fereni - Persian Rice Flour Pudding

The IFC successfully completes its one year! It definitely calls for a celebration, doesn't it? Considering that last month was the anniversary month, group members were provided with a list of favorites recipes from various cuisines that were tried over this one year and were given a chance to select that fancies our attention. I have already mentioned earlier in my very first IFC challenge, the Dampfnudels that it was the Iranian cuisine challenge that prompted me to join this group, so I eagerly skittled into the list to see if there was any, and yes, there I saw what I really wanted to make - the Fereni!!!

Fereni is a Persian milk based pudding, thickened by rice flour. This is so similar to the Phirni that we make, but which is made with crushed rice, not to mention it almost tastes like a cousin of the Arabic dessert, Muhallabia. After all, some of Indian and Pakistani cuisine does have a heavy influence from Persian cuisine and vice versa. It was Savitha who had hosted the Iranian cuisine challenge, so after going through her recipe, I went on to read a few tips from other bloggers to better the process. I found that the consistency of the fereni differs as per individual liking. If you want it more thick, add more rice flour - as simple as that! Finally, I referred here and here and made up my fereni. Do refer to the notes below for better results! This is the recipe that I had cooked and clicked when I was on vacation, so I had quite a bit of my relatives to test-taste it, and Alhamdulillah, it was well accepted, though the idea of a really simple dessert like this normally takes a little bit of time to digest! :) Personally speaking, I loved it a lot, and I may find myself making this frequently, when I run out of ideas. As per the links I had read, this dessert is served to a person down with flu, so that becomes another reason to make it whenever I feel! Hehe... off to the way I made it...

Fereni - Persian Rice Flour Puddings
Serves 8


4 cups milk
5 tbsp rice flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp rose essence or 3 tbsp rose water


Whisk the rice flour into one cup of milk without any lumps. Set aside for 45 minutes for it to soak. 

In a saucepan, add the remaining milk and sugar and bring to heat. As it starts to simmer, add the rice flour milk mixture - ensure to stir with a spoon for even mixing and then add. Add in the flavoring as well. Keep stirring frequently till the milk starts thickening. Cook on low flame for around 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Do scrape the sides and the bottom of the pan, so that there are no lumps. Switch off and allow to cool completely. 

Serve warm or chilled - as per you!


1. You can make the fereni without soaking the rice flour in advance. It seems soaking ups the creamy factor and reduces the cooking time, so it is recommended!
2. As the fereni sits, it tends to get thickened. The pictures were clicked after keeping the fereni for around 2 hours and was still warm. The next day, when cooled, it was thicker. 
3. You can flavor the fereni with some cardamom or cinnamon powder as well!
4. I had nothing to garnish it with, but pistachios or almonds are recommended for it. 
5. This is a very versatile dessert - cut and add in some fruits like mango, apple, bananas, etc. and you will have a wholesome yummy dessert!

PST: loved the feel of digging into umma's vast collection of crockery that she had stacked over the years, especially that plate which had a very Iranian touch... hehe... ;)

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