Hot Chocolate ~ using cocoa powder

Being a food blogger is funny business. We don't cook anything without thinking whether to click pictures or not. Funny bunch, I must say... Each time I cook and my B comes into the kitchen, he looks at me and asks, "Done clicking?" Hehe... the kids also would flock me when they see me coming out of the room with the camera. That explains sometimes why my pictures are so lousy. I hate it when I can't concentrate and Azza loves to disturb me by threatening to put her finger into each and every thing that I make! It takes a few minutes of begging and prodding, followed by some bribing to get her out of the way! Rasha will stand back and watch what I am doing, sometimes obstructing the little light available during the nights. So I have to gently pull her to the sides so that the picture looks at least presentable. Many tell me my pictures are improving, but I guess there is a still lot more... it's a learning process, like everything else and above all, needs a hell lot of patience, which I unfortunately lack...

Talking about the toddler trouble. I literally had a shock while taking the below snap. I don't know if I should say this, but we literally use anything and everything we see around our house to be used as a prop. This happened to be Azza's frock... hehe... I had so neatly kept my cup on it and was going to click, when her eyes pounced on it, and she screamed, "Ente uduppu...." (My frock!) A long jump and an attempt to pull it with the mug on it... Alhamdulillah, I had worn my camera on my neck. I just left it and ran to catch her in time, otherwise that hot liquid would have spilled on her! Regaining my composure, I told her that ummi would be done in a couple of minutes and your frock would be back in its place safely. She gave me a stare and walked off. So that's about it... each photograph has a story behind it. Some I share, some I don't... this one I had to share, because I managed to take only one and then I couldn't go on with it. It is tilted - I am receiving a lot of advice from my mates, especially Jehanne and Sona not to tilt my pictures but unfortunately, I don't know why I constantly keep doing it. Some pictures I am managing to keep it straight using an editor tool, but some I can't so I keep it as is. Trying my level best, I am assuring both of you...

Uff, too much of blabbering for this little recipe... I have already posted a Hot Chocolate before, but that was with choco-chips. This time it's with cocoa powder... here you go...

Hot Chocolate 
Serves 1


1/4 cup water
1 heaped tbsp cooking cocoa powder
1 tbsp sugar (as required)
3/4 cup milk


Whisk the water, cocoa powder and sugar and bring to boil. Cook on low flame, stirring continuously till the mixture gets boiled and slightly thickened. Now add the milk and cook stirring till just hot - you do not need to boil the mixture.

Pour into your favorite mug. Using a milk frother, like the one you get from Ikea or a spoon, blend the hot chocolate for 30 seconds to make it foamy. Enjoy!!!

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