Kooka Nenthrapazham Kurukkiyathu ~ Arrowroot Plaintain Relish

Can I tell all of you a secret? If I publish it here, then it ceases to be a secret, right? Hehe... this recipe that I am posting today is one of the oldest recipe on the blog. Initially, when I started blogging, I was copying and pasting the recipes that I had already done on my old dead blog - sniff! Now, when I thought of publishing this recipe, I stared at the picture for long. I really hated it, though my pictures were no first class that time, nor are that good now as well! But still that feeling held me from posting this recipe till date. It is recently that I got some stock of arrowroot that I made them again and clicked the picture - still not 100% happy!

I love to make this for breakfast. First of all, it is really quick, hardly needs any time to make and secondly, it is healthy with the arrowroot, plantains and the milk! It gives a filled tummy till afternoon, that you may not even need any snack before lunch. I introduced umma to this and after that she used to make this every couple of weeks, as my B loves to have this as well. Doesn't it feel nice when your own mom accepts something that you make and they don't and includes it as a part of their routine? :)

OK, so off to the way it is made... also reminding that this is not the only arrowroot post here. I had done a kooka kachiyathu a couple of months back, do check that out as well... :)

Kooka Nenthrapazham Kurukkiyathu - Arrowroot Plantain Relish
Serves 4


500 ml low fat milk
300 ml coconut milk
6 heaped tablespoons arrowroot powder (kookapodi)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
A pinch salt
2 large or 3 medium nenthrapazham (ripe plantain), cut into cubes


Mix all the ingredients except the plantains into a smooth mixture and keep on medium-low flame to start cooking. Stir occasionally to avoid sticking at the bottom of the pan. When the mixture starts to thicken, add the plantains and mix well. Leave it to thicken and keep stirring cooking for 5 minutes. Switch off the flame, allow to cool slightly.

Serve warm, as a filling breakfast!


1. The more you keep on low flame, the thicker it gets. So if you want a less thick consistency, you can switch off the flame within 2 minutes of the mixture thickening.
2. Adding the plantains at the end will keep it thick. If you want it to soften, then add it midway of the process, ie. when the kurukku is just starting to get hot.

So tempted that I was posting this today, I went ahead and made it for breakfast. HD calls and says that he enjoyed every bit of his breakfast - happy happy me!!! :)

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