Peshawari Lassi

I am so excited about this lassi. Actually, why should I be? Imagine the scene - the whole house is sleeping. It's a tired me, cooking a heavy lunch for a big group of guests expected anytime. I had to push up my energy levels so that I could finish off the task within the time. That was when I remembered the Peshawari Lassi that was up on Aara's space sometime back. When you really want to look out, you don't find it, right? I was frantically searching on my phone not to find that link. Finally, I just read up a few pages and made this lassi. By the way, I am sure you all know that Peshawar is a city in our neighbouring country, Pakistan...

What word should I use for this - "refreshing" is an understatement!!! With those nuts, the taste is just awesome. I loved the creamy lassi, in fact drank both the servings that literally filled my tummy and my energy levels shot up, to say the least! Hehe... This isn't the only lassi on my blog... I am one lassi mad person, and would definitely keep trying more and posting as it succeeds...

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For the time being, this will be the last one till summers again come back, but for me, for something cold, it really doesn't matter if it is summer or winter, as long as I don't have a cold!!! Hehe... Off to this awesome refreshing lassi...

Peshawari Lassi
Serves 2


1 tbsp cashews
1 tbsp almonds
1/4 cup milk
1 cup yogurt
3/4 cup water
2 tbsp sugar
A pinch salt


Keep the cashews and almonds soaked in water for 15-20 minutes. Add all the ingredients in a blender and blitz till smooth. Serve immediately!

Creamy goodness...

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