Aatta (Wholewheat Flour) Jaggery Halwa

There is always something about the first - a special emotion attached. We all go through a lot of firsts in our lives, whether good, bad or ugly and treasure all with their important lessons. This post would have never appeared any time now considering that I have to finish off my old drafts before I share the new ones, but I couldn't resist sharing this one, as it was the first recipe I cooked in my new kitchen at our new home. :)

I guess I had already mentioned in a few posts before that my kitchen is yet to be 100% functional. We have been relying heavily on hotel food, with me sometimes mixing up the leftovers or just skipping dinner by having fruits. It is a totally difficult situation but I am not complaining. Now that I have a induction and a microwave convection oven, I am making little by using it and learning from the experience. As soon as I saw this recipe, I just couldn't resist it. I thought I didn't not have any jaggery, but luckily I found one and a quarter block remaining in between all the packed food stuff. I pulled it out and immediately made this one night a week after we shifted, using the induction. Many are telling me that I can cook on induction, but I don't know why mine even at the lowest temperature gives me burned or charred bottoms... :( I almost burnt the aatta but saved it on time by dragging it out and stirring continuously. Nonetheless, it was a really delicious treat. What more, a halwa with just spoonfuls of ghee and sweetened with jaggery, and that too with aatta... do I need to say anymore? Definitely one that I would make when guests come in on short notice, because this is just so easy.... my first experience Aata Ka Sheera tasted so similar but the jaggery gives a nice flavor. Off to the way it is made...

Aatta (Wholewheat Flour) Jaggery Halwa
Recipe adapted from here
Serves 4-6


3 tbsp pure ghee
3/4 cup wholewheat flour (aatta)
1 1/2 cup water
120 gm jaggery
1 tsp cardamom powder
10 cashews, chopped


Heat water along with the jaggery till the jaggery melts and dissolves. Do not boil the water since we just need the jaggery to melt. Set aside.

In a non-stick pan, heat 2 tbsp ghee. Roast the wholewheat flour till it turns golden brown and released a nice aroma, approximately 6-7 minutes. Make sure not to burn the flour, keep stirring continuously.

Once roasted, add the jaggery water and stir vigorously till well incorporated. Ensure that there are no lumps. Cook for another couple of minutes on low flame and switch off.

In a small fry pan, add the remaining ghee. Fry the cashews briefly and pour over the halwa. Enjoy!!!


I used block jaggery. I just put the jaggery into the water, heated the water - did not boil - and closed the lid. This melted the jaggery. You can grate and add into water, so that it gets melted easily.

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