Yuan Yang/ Coffee Tea

HD travelled last night on emergency for four days. Doesn't seem to be a lot of time, but having just shifted into a new locality and not having people you know around is giving me weak knees. It took me flat one hour to sleep properly and I woke up 15 minutes before the alarm rang! Grrr... I am already looking at making me and the kids super busy so that we don't miss his presence - though he thinks we are going to enjoy our time without him! Hehe... Irrespective of the warmth or coldness of your relationship, when one part is missing, you do feel a bit low, right... :)

Meanwhile, let me share this beautiful post of lovely fall pictures that my dear blogger friend Meena... MaShaAllah, nature can look so beautiful at different facets of life. Being in the UAE, there is not much of greenery, but even the sand in the dessert has a beauty of its own. Each and every facet on this earth points to His Existence, His Power and His Control... I would really want you all to simply immerse into the beauty that was captured... :)

Off to the recipe today, does that name entice you? It did, for me. I first saw it here on Monu's space and I was surprised. Tea and coffee is something I always thought went separately but both together was something I could not imagine. Then I went on to read about it on Wikipedia, especially the proportion of the coffee against tea in the drink. When you hear the name itself, you can fathom that it definitely has to be Chinese!!! Once I tried this, I make this for myself at least once a week, it is a really refreshing drink. Somehow the men did not favor the taste but I love it so much now that it is my go-to drink when I need some extra energy!!! I must thank Monu for introducing me to this variation of tea and getting me hooked onto it!

Yuan Yang/ Coffee Tea
Serves 1


1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1 heaped tsp black tea
1 tbsp sugar
1/3 tsp coffee (I use Nescafe Gold)


Put milk, water and tea in a pan. Boil and cook till the tea gets browned (lightly colored). In the serving mug, add the sugar and coffee powder. Pour half the tea and mix well. Pour back into the pan. Mix well again. Finally pour into your serving mug and enjoy!

End note: as I discussed about this drink with my colleagues, I was informed that there is something served in our Kerala railway stations called as "podi chaya" which is basically some Bru coffee mixed in tea! This was something I never knew... and now I feel that next time I go back home, I have to go the railway station and ask for a cup of this special tea... :)

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