3-ingredient Nutella Mousse

Having a public holiday in between a week makes you feel so out of touch! Having had the first half of the day immersed in cooking and cleaning and the second part out in the park with relatives for a barbeque, it was indeed a tiring yet fulfilling day. The only bad part was the late sleep and the need to wake up on time to come to office. The only motivator was that today and tomorrow and we will have the weekend! Hehe... Another exciting part is that my parents are coming down to join us for almost a month, Alhamdulillah. I am definitely excited to have them at our new abode. The kids are even more excited too. We were not expecting them to come by this way on their way back home from the stay at the US at my sister's place. But fate had it and they are coming tonight. I have been having a lazy time in the kitchen, so now it is time to buck myself up and sharpen up my cooking skills!

I can't find any other recipe as perfect for this lazy day as this one! Again explaining my love to avocadoes! This is such a breeze to put together and healthy enough to suppress your craving... healthy? I really do not know if Nutella can be classified as "healthy" food, though avocados are a power house! Not holding on myself for too long...

3-ingredient Nutella Mousse
Serves 4 as shots or 2 as generous servings


1 ripe medium avocado
3 tbsp Nutella
1 tbsp milk powder


Scoop out the avocado from its skin. Smash lightly. Add the other two ingredients and blend with a hand blender till smooth. Serve in shots, topped with a hazelnut!

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