Black Forest Trifle

I know many of my friends, especially Jehanne and Rekha allow their children to help them out in the kitchen. Even though I would love to get the kids in, since Azza would not allow Rasha to do anything peacefully without ensuring enough of disturbances, I prefer keeping both of them out of the door. Rasha is very keen on helping out, but thinking of how much Azza pesters her, she also feels a bit shaky. Once while shopping, Rasha got herself an apron and she was so adamant that she does a cake batter with my help. So one night, after settling up everything, both of us sneaked into the kitchen and went ahead baking a chocolate olive oil cake. Please don't search for the recipe, I haven't posted it yet on the blog! I baked this healthy flavorful cake for a colleague and family who absolutely enjoyed it. We have baked this a couple of times only to be wiped out. This time, I had intended that I would bake it and click it for the blog. So I just kept dumping the ingredients and she kept mixing. She poured it into the greased tin and waited excitedly for the cake to come out. Come out in good condition it did, but my impatience wrecked it all. While flipping, the cake just broke apart from the center and landed up as crumbs on the cooling rack. Rasha was all in tears. "Ummi, see how you spoiled it!", she wailed. And yes, I was upset of my own stupidity, as this cake needed cooling in the tin for at least 15 minutes before flipping it. We all went off to sleep with a sad heart.

I woke up in the morning, wanting to make put the cake into good use, to make a dessert that the kids would enjoy. So I made this individual sized trifle which was a mini-black forest. It was wiped out in no time. We enjoyed it after dinner and absolutely loved it. So next time, you have leftover chocolate cake or a wrecked up cake like I had, then do try this easy to assemble dessert and satisfy yourself!

Black Forest Trifle
Serves 6


2 cups of chocolate cake, crumbled
1 sachet of non-diary whipping powder, prepared as per instructions (500 ml whipped cream)
250 ml whipping cream
1/2 cup icing sugar
(Whip both together till stiff peaks)
1 small pack glace cherries


Keep 6 shot glasses ready.

Start layering them with chocolate cake, whipped cream, chopped cherries, then repeat till there are whipped cream on the top. Repeat for all the glasses. Allow the dessert to rest for an hour in the fridge.


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