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The first guest post for 2015... Last year, from being a biweekly event, it went on to be once in three weeks and finally I decided to keep it as a once in a month event and InShaAllah, wish to continue that way as long as this section moves... If you have noticed, this time I am a week later, because last week I was working on moving the blog to its domain and the giveaway post.

As I have always mentioned a lot of times in almost all my guest posts, blogging has opened up a lot of beautiful friendships. It is amazing how people whom you do not know personally can connect with you on a common interest called food. Today, I have a person who owns a young blog, which just recently celebrated its first blogoversary. Going to see, I have been surfing around a lot of blogs and I must say that there is a vast ocean out there who are trying to carve out their niche. The best part of it is that each of them are one better than the other! That is where sometimes I feel I must concentrate on my weak points, but then... yeah, I like to procrastinate... :)

OK, coming to the guest for the day, today I have Sathya, who blogs on My Kitchen Odyssey. She blogs mainly vegetarian dishes with a lot of focus on Chettinad specialties. I love her simple recipes and clean pictures. I guess this was the first time I asked a guest of mine to provide me with better pictures... only because I know that she can do much better as far as her photography is concerned. I am so grateful that she took it positively and did it for me. Do check out her range of recipes, especially her recently posted Chocolate Tofu Pie, which had me drooling over it - that's why I am called a BST!!! Hehe.... Off to Sathya to do the talking...

I am really thankful to Rafee to bring me to all of you here. I am sure you all will like this post.

I am Sathya Priya, a loving house wife and curious food blogger. I started my blog as a hobby like whatever i cook goes for blog ,now blogging takes most of my time and i am cooking for the blog specially. I try to blog at least 2-3 times a week. I am from Chettinad Karaikudi, so my blog has many Chettinad recipes. If you are looking for many chettinad non-veg recipes, sorry I have very few in my blog. I am a pure vegetarian so I cook for my dearies. I am glad to be here to present you a simple rice recipe which comes very handy for a weekday lunch or lunch box Looking forward to seeing you all at My Kitchen Odyssey.

About Rafee, she is very sweet like her blog. You all know well she shares many wonderful sweet recipes and many non-veg recipes. To a sweet person I want to cook something helpful and simple, keeping her job in mind and her kids as well.

About the recipe:
Carrot rice - A simple rice made with carrots and peas. Kids love colours, so I added peas as well.

I usually get something for Thursday temple gatherings. One fine day I don't want to do regular curd rice, puliyotharai, lime rice. Usually for prasad/neivedhyam the food should not have garlic and onion. So I tried this carrot rice without ginger garlic paste and onions ,only with fennel and bay leaf. I hardly see any difference in taste without ginger garlic and onions. You can substitute masala powder with chili, coriander and garam masala powder.

If you are preparing it for kids lunch box you can reduce the spice level. Only add 2 green chilies that's enough. Using of green peas is optional but it gives a nice appealing colour to the rice.


Preparation time:30 minutes  (Including Soaking and Cooking the rice)
Cooking time :10 min

·  1 1/2 cup raw rice(soaked for 15 min)/pacha arisi.
·  3 cups water/thanni.
·  2 cups grated carrot or 3 large carrots
·  1/4 cup peas(frozen or fresh)/pattani.
·  1 tsp masala powder or chili,coriander and garam masala/Masala podi.
·  1 tsp salt or as required.
·  1 green chili(slit).
·  1 onion.(optional if using fennel and bay leaf)/vengayam.
·  1/4 tsp turmeric/manjal thool.
·  1 tsp ginger garlic paste(optional if using fennel and bay leaf)/inji poondu viluthu.
·  1 tbsp oil/ennai.

To temper:
·  1 tsp fennel(optional if using onion and ginger garlic)/sombu.
·  1 bay leaf(optional if using onion and ginger garlic)/brinji  Elai.


·  Soak rice for 15 min and drain the excess water.
·  Pressure cook it for a whistle with 3 cups of water (if you feel it will turn mushy add 2 drops of oil).
·  Cool it down by placing in wide pan or vessel.
·  Grate carrots and keep the peas out if using frozen ones.
·  Chop onions fine and prepare ginger garlic paste (if using fresh ones).

·  Add 1 tbsp of oil to tava .
·  Add onions and saute it.
·  Add ginger garlic paste and saute it until the onions are translucent.
·  Add grated carrot and peas .Saute it for 5 minutes or until they are cooked.
·  Add turmeric powder,masala powder and salt.(careful don't burn the masalas).
·  Add little water .let the masala smell go off.
·  Add cooked and cooled rice.
·  Carrot rice is ready to serve.
·  Enjoy with your favorite side or potato masala.

I just have a feeling that I have had a nice filling lunch, when it is just time for breakfast for me! Thank you so much Sathya for gracing my space, it was wonderful having you around... :)

Hope all of you enjoyed the post. Have a good weekend...

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