Dragon Fruit Pudding

Better late than never... day before yesterday, my younger one Azza turned 4. She officially graduates out of the toddler zone. I can't believe that she has grown up so much. I guess every parent, as they look at their child's doing with so much excitement and anxiety, go through this feeling of never getting enough of their earlier doings. If you are a working parent, then the guilt feeling comes with a heavy tag. She has been a very active child from the beginning, MaShaAllah unlike Rasha, who is a more reserved character now. She can drive us nuts and at the same time, calm us and bring us back to reality. Sometimes, when I see her doings, I feel so happy but at the same time miss those little chitchats, when all her "k" sounds used to be "th" sounds. So her "kutti" was "thuthi", "cut" was "thuth" and so on... Now when I talk to her in her previous tone, she corrects me! Hehe... Kids will keep growing up and amazing us in every possible way, every day... After all life is all about going through the whole circle... May Allah bless her and her elder sister everyday with His protection and blessings... Aameen...

While deciding on the post, I thought of choosing a very different recipe for this day. Have you heard of dragon fruit? Dragon fruit is one fruit that is very rarely found in the market, and if found is really pricey. But I just love the way it looks, with the dark pinkish outer, and the spekkled inner. It is also called as "pitaya", but the hoardings over here always show it as dragon fruit. Whenever we buy them, which is very rare as we have wait for special offers, we cut it into small chunks, sprinkle some sugar on it and eat them.

The other day, when I bought them, I decided to make a pudding out of it. The flavor of the dragon fruit along with the coconut milk was really good, and the seed bites in between was like a bonus! It was a subtle dessert, and we enjoyed it post lunch during one of our weekends...

Dragon Fruit Pudding
Recipe adapted from here
Serves 4-6


1/2 cup water
10 gm china grass strands
1 large dragon fruit (weighed around 450 gm)
1 400 ml can coconut milk
3 tbsp brown sugar


Peel the dragon fruit. Mash the pulp in a bowl till done. You may leave some small bites if required - I did.

Soak the china grass strands in the water for 15-20 minutes. On low flame, cook it till it melts or is soft. Add the coconut milk and brown sugar and stir. Cook till you don't see any more strands, but ensure not to boil the milk mixture. Add the dragon fruit pulp and cook for another minute.

Pour into individual bowls or a large bowl and allow to cool to room temperature. Set in the fridge for a couple of hours. Enjoy!


1. China grass has a tendency not to melt completely or leave strands as such. You can seive the mixture if you don't like the strands, but then the seeds and the pieces of the fruit may be left behind. I prefer not to strain!
2. Alternatively, use gelatin to set. One sachet (10 gm) should do. Bloom it in the water for five minutes and proceed with the remaining steps.

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