Baked Apple Almond Pudding

I have been very actively participating in the Home Baker's Challenge ever since it started with the pizza. First of all, it fueled my craze of baking and also helped me strike off a lot of recipes off from my never ending list of to-dos and to trys! Do check out the link above in case you are interested!

Last month, all of a sudden, I took over the baton of having to host the month's challenge when Priyaakka got busy with her personal commitments. I had already hosted before last May with some Arabian bakes by making the Umm Ali. After having said a yes, I was all of a sudden worried as to whether I would be able to host and go ahead to bake one from the list that I had suggested. Oh, the suggested theme was Baked Puddings and I chose a few eggless and healthy options, apart from the normal butter loaded and eggy ones, just like the one I tried! I halved the recipe and made some changes to suit our sweetness levels and I must say it was a good dessert to have post lunch on a lazy weekend. Off to the way I made it...

Baked Apple Almond Pudding
Serves 3
Recipe adapted from here


2 apples, peeled and chopped (I used Royal Gala)
2 tbsp brown sugar
60 gm butter, softened
4 tbsp sugar
1 large egg, room temperature
60 gm almond flour


Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

Mix the chopped apples with brown sugar until covered. Spread them on a small glass tray.

Beat the butter and sugar till pale and fluffy. Add in the egg and beat for a minute. Add in the almond flour and beat till well combined. Spread evenly on top of the apple layer. Bake for 30 to 45 minutes till the top level is set.

Serve hot or cold - either way, it tastes delicious!


1. Since I used Gala apples, I didn't cook them with the brown sugar. If using any other apples which are hard, better to cook for 5 minutes til they soften a bit.
2. Baking for 45 minutes literally burned the top of the pudding though there was no after taste. I would suggest baking them for 30 minutes first and then checking if the top is set and baking further.
3. You can serve them with some warm cream or custard, but I felt nothing was enough - it was really good on its own!

Ending up this post with a picture of the cloud formation that I noticed last evening while driving back home... I have always seen pictures but it is the first time that I am seeing something with my own eyes... the formation looked like "Allah" written in Arabic... SubhanAllah... :)

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