Chakkara Choru (Jaggery Rice) - My 28th guest post for Maha's Lovely Home

It is really after ages that I am doing a guest post. The last one I did were these DDL Brownies for Ramya. I don't know what happened in between. I got a bit slackened, thanks to my parent's exit and our shifting to the new space that I have delayed some requests that I received. That reminds me that I still have a couple of them to complete, which I have to act upon soon without procrastinating!

When Usha invited guest posts for her blog as a part of her 3rd year celebrations, I did not respond immediately. First of all, I was not sure if I would be able to keep my word with her. After all, she is a good friend that I have gained through blogging. A very innocent soul... She is also one of the bloggers that I have met personally and I will never forget the hospitality that was extended by her family, despite being visitors! I guess you can read more about it and even more about the recipe that I have given her...

Chakkara Choru literally translates to read "Jaggery Rice". As many of the dishes at our home, this is one that umma used to so frequently make long time ago and then suddenly, just like this Kadalappidi. Before she left I made sure I jot down the basic ingredients that go into it so that I could try and recreate the same at home. Boy, I was really excited that it turned out just the way that umma used to make it. Since it was a first time, I had not made a large quantity and it was literally wiped out in no time.

Do hop onto Usha's space to read the complete post...

Chakkara Choru ~ Jaggery Rice
Serves 2


¾ cup pachari/ dosa rice
4 pearl onions, roughly chopped
¼ tsp fennel seeds
4 tbsp coconut, grated
100 gm jaggery (use more for sweetness)
2 ¼ cup water


Wash the pachari well and drain. Mix the rice along with all the ingredients in a pressure cooker. Close the lid and cook on high for one whistle. Keep flame at the lowest and cook on simmer for 15 minutes. Switch off and allow pressure to go by itself. Open the lid, give a good mix. Serve warm!


1.      You can cook this on a stove top as well. Keep cooking till the water drains and the rice gets all mashed up.
2.      I used the light colored jaggery and that’s why my chakkara choru looks whitish. Normally, the dark jaggery is used. If using, then melt it in the water, strain for impurities and then add it to the remaining ingredients.
3.      The best is to serve it immediately. As it sits, it tends to thicken. Add some water and cook on low flame till the consistency is reached.

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