Watermelon Cooler

You must have noticed that I am a part of a lovely group called Saturday Snapshots. My earlier posts can be seen here. This time, Shweta gave us a theme of "Holding Food", where we were supposed to snap pictures with a human element. Since it was a really interesting theme, I decided to click last Saturday. I had initially thought I would rope in HD to do the shoot for me and I wanted to do a shoot in the morning, for better lighting, of course! But as expected, I couldn't get him to do it for me as he was busy with his schedule. That is when I asked B if he could do it for me.

B: "Why do want me to pose for you?" (Surprised look)
Me: "Nothing, I just want you to hold the cup for me, only your hand will be pictured."
B: "Yeah, and you put the picture up on Facebook and get all the likes for my hands!" (Grins)

Darn! Brothers will be always brothers... after a lot of prodding, finally he gave in. Then I had to think what to give him to hold. That is when I thought of this drink. I had bought a large watermelon thanks to Azza, however it was not sweet at all and now she doesn't want to even look at it. Pulled up all I could find in the fridge and this was just a real refresher! Though it is winter here, the afternoons are warm and it was apt for hot afternoon that we were enduring then... Off to the recipe...

Watermelon Cooler
Serves 2


3 cups chopped watermelon
1 inch pc ginger, peeled
1 lime, juice extracted
10 mint leaves
2 tbsp sugar


Put all into a blender and blitz until smooth. Serve immediately.


1. I didn't strain the juice so enjoyed the bites. If you don't like them, then strain them.
2. Skip the sugar if the watermelon is sweet enough.

Sending this snap off to Saturday Snapshot #8... I felt he was holding the mug as though holding a dumpbell... Hehe... I personally thought it was good for a start. The snap was taken in the afternoon with light source coming from the hand side. Sireesha and Shweta both commented that the hand was more prominent than the food itself, however the background and the food was in perfect sync! I got the point... He was in such a hurry that I didn't even think about taking the picture with the light source coming from the glass side... InShaAllah, hopefully in the future pictures, I will try to put up a better attempt... :)

Did you guys like it? How do you rate my photography these days? Would love to know... I know it keeps see-sawing between good, bad and ugly but I am trying my level best... or I think so... :)

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