Kaayayum Muttayum ~ Plaintains with Scrambled Eggs

There is something magical in the word "Alhamdulillah". We, as Muslims, are to remember His name in whatever circumstance and "Alhamdulillah" basically means "By the Grace of Allah". One of the major tenets of our faith is belief in Qadr (destiny). Whatever happens in our life, good or bad, does not happen without His Knowledge. Whatever happens does happen for our good. If He gives us something or snatches away something, we are not so intelligent to understand the wisdom behind it, but InShaAllah, time will tend to prove and it needs patience. I have always noticed that at times when I feel mentally down and somebody asks me "How are you?", I say "Alhamdulillah" and a very strange calmness encompasses my mind. Somehow, that mood disappears and I feel that there is someone above who is going to take care of my insecurities. Definitely, it is one of the best feelings that I have ever felt in my whole life. I never knew the strength of saying it till I learned to make it a part of my speaking a couple of years ago and this single word has helped me be positive, amidst happiness or sadness. And yes, just like that slide says, it makes me realise that after all, life is not totally unfair - we still have a lot of matters, in fact, much more matters to be happy about that to be sad about. :) Alhamdulillah... :)

One matter I would always say Alhamdulillah about is if I get the kids to clean up their plates. Both of them are so fussy with their eating that sometimes I feel like ripping my head apart. This is one snack that they would happily clean up, including Rasha who is not very fond of eggs. The name and description is straightforward - softened plantains mixed up with sweetened scrambled eggs. A very simple snack that can be done in less than 10 minutes and devoured in even more less time!

Kaayayum Muttayum ~ Plantains with Scrambled Eggs
Serves 2


2 large plantains (nenthrapazham), chopped into small pieces
3 medium eggs
3 tbsp sugar
1 tsp ghee
A pinch cardamom
3-4 cashews, slit
5-6 raisins


Heat ghee in a sauce pan. Briefly fry the cashews and raisins. Add the chopped plantains and saute for a few minutes. Sprinkle in the sugar and continue to cook the plantains till soft. If you like it to have a brown shade, go ahead as well!

Break in the eggs and mix it vigorously till it resembles scrambles. Cook for another 5 minutes. Switch off and serve warm with a cup of chai!

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