Mexican Hot Chocolate

I was seriously considering keeping today off any post, however I couldn't contain my excitement so I am here! Day before yesterday, we had a little blogger meet-up. Anamika set up a spark by asking me whether we could do a Dubai blogger meet-up so that we could know each other and have some informal chit chat. This happened a month ago. From then on, it was fun - from setting the date to the venue where we would meet up and then bloggers who would come. Finally, we met up, a little bunch of ten bloggers who could attend, at Deira City Center food court. We had a good time giggling, talking about food, weight problems (ahem!!!), kids, family and life in general. I took along with me Fajee, Faseela and Febina, where Anamika was already waiting. Huma, Priya and Asiyakka joined us in due course. Asiyakka decided to bring us some delicious pasta salad loaded with crunchy peanuts, which was absolutely delicious. We were also joined by Mubeen and Jaleelakka. Even though we disbursed to our respective destinations by 7:30, we carried along with us some exciting friendships and memories. It is amazing how a single thread called FOOD could create new bonds! We are already considering our next get-together hopefully including many more bloggers who couldn't make it this time, but when, we have to wait and see.

Even though we are in March and the sun is getting mightier by the day, the nights are still cool, good enough for a nice cozy walk outside. Please don't think that I do that, the place I live in now is literally a scary area to go for lonely walks, unlike where I used to stay before, bang in the town! At times, I keep craving for hot chocolate, which I make in two ways - with chocolate and with cocoa. The time I heard about Mexican hot chocolate, I really wanted to try. Believe me, if you like a kick in your hot drink, then this is one for you. The time the drink goes down your throat, the chilli creates a nice jiggle that makes you want to cry! Such a funny feeling hehe... I have made this a few times and have clicked so many times, but finally I am able to get a decent picture and get it to you. Do try it when you are in a mood for something different - as different as the Yuan Yang!

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Serves 1


1/2 cup full fat milk
1/2 cup water
2 inch piece cinnamon
1/4 cup dark chocolate chunks (I used 71%)
1/2 tsp red chilli flakes
1 tsp almond extract
1 tbsp honey (or sugar)


Combine the milk, water, cinnamon and chocolate in a saucepan. Bring to boil. Cook on low flame till the chocolate melts. As the milk starts to boil, add the chilli flakes and cook till the mixture comes to a rolling boil. Switch off, add the almond extract and sugar and mix well.

Sieve into your favorite mug and enjoy the spicy drink!

Looking for another hot chocolate variety? Then here is the West African style!

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