Muringayila Curry ~ Drumstick Leaves in Ground Coconut Sauce

Sometimes, I terribly miss umma. Especially after my sister made a tiny appearance for three days a couple of weeks ago... I have perfectly got adjusted to my life without them, much better that what I had expected. Anybody I keep talking to talk ask with a lot of sympathy as to how I am managing without her. I only smile and tell them, "We will never have everybody in our life every time, right?" This fact has helped me in a positive way to take her departure in my stride. After all, we also should find ways to keep the wide mouths and open minds of those who are more interested in knowing us struggle than genuinely be concerned about our situations shut. Hehe...

Today, I am sharing with you a curry which is one of umma's best ones. Muringayila or drumstick leaves are abundantly available in the outskirts on this country, in places like Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Most of the villas would have a huge tree within or outside their compound. Whenever umma would see a muringayila maram (tree), she would pack up one big bag full of the leaves much to the irritation of us three who hated the sight of it. We knew what she was going to do with it - make a stir fry for lunch the next day and then turn it into this curry the day after. Keeping muringayila out for too long would make the leaves bitter. My sister and I had the task of taking the leaves off the stem and washing them. Umma makes this curry with pathiris and pooris. I don't like it with pathiris - somehow I am one Malabari who is not fond of her pathiris!!! Hehe... - but with pooris, I would scoop this and have as much as I can. Even B doesn't mind it that way, otherwise he would frown. By the way, muringayila is very good for feeding mothers... :) Off to the way umma makes it...

Muringayila Curry ~ Drumstick Leaves in Ground Coconut Sauce
Serves 4


4 cups drumstick leaves, washed well and drained
Salt to taste

For grinding:
1 cup grated coconut
1 tsp fennel seeds
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
6-8 pearl onions


Grind all ingredients under "for grinding" to a smooth paste by adding little water. Set aside.

Boil the drumstick leaves in a "chatti" (earthern pot) with sufficient water and some salt till done. Do not add more water, since it will not dry much. Once the leaves are done, add in the ground coconut paste and simmer for a minute. Do not boil the mixture as the coconut paste may break. Switch off immediately.

Serve hot with pathiris, rice or pooris - really it tastes awesome with pooris!


You can temper the curry by spluttering some mustard seeds in coconut oil. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't!

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