A frothy cup of coffee...

How many of you love your cup of coffee? I have a mind that see-saws between tea and coffee, I always wait for its call... The time it says tea, then it has to be my usual strong milk tea, otherwise it is always coffee, especially when I am out. I love to try coffee from different cafes and don't mind the money I spend on it every month! Despite the fact that coffee is quite good at leaving you with stained teeth (darn!), I make sure I wash my mouth properly after enjoying my large cup of coffee. I always say that tea is for my good moods and coffee for my bad moods, and as always, the latter is much more than the former - hehe - and therefore, I drink more coffee than tea.

I am not a fan of the normal Nescafe but like Nescafe Gold and a bigger fan of our Indian brand, Bru. So there are always two small bottles of coffee in my pantry at any given point of time. I have already posted previously my normal way of making coffee, but ever since I have been seeing online on how you could make a nice frothy cup of coffee, I have been making it this way since then. All your usual ingredients, with some hand exercise! To make it easier, you can buy something called milk frother from Ikea, such a handy little machine that is! Whenever HD asks for a coffee, which is quite rare since he is more of a tea person, he always loves it with the froth on the top. Off to the way I make it...

Frothy Coffee
Serves 1


1 cup low fat milk
1 tsp coffee (I used Nescafe Gold)
1 tsp sugar (as per taste)


Heat the milk and continue till it comes to a rolling boil. Meanwhile, in your mug, add the coffee and sugar. Drop in a couple of drops of hot water, just enough to moisten the coffee. With the back of a spoon, start whipping in with full strength. You will start seeing the concoction turn from a dark brown mixture to a creamy mixture and it will double in volume. Keep whipping till your hands ache, or if you are using the Ikea milk frother, then nothing like it! The more you whip, the frothier coffee you get!

Once the milk boils and froths, switch off the flame and pour into the frothy coffee mixture from a height. Give it a mild stir and enjoy!


1. You can use full fat milk for a richer coffee for sure!
2. Do not add more water than two to three drops. I heat little water in the microwave and then drip it into the coffee and sugar, just enough to wet it.
3. I have seen some recipe adding cream. If you wish, you can top your coffee with whipped cream and to make it extra decadent, some chocolate sauce as well! Since I have enough to my waist line, I would avoid them! ;)

Some more coffee "gyaan" before I sign off... Hehe...

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