Papaya Orange Juice

Last of the back-to-back 3-smoothie series - definitely this is not the end, you will still find a lot of smoothies coming up! With some interesting combinations, InShaAllah... :)

I would have never tried the combination of papaya and orange if it were not of this post. Due to the high nutritional elements in these fruits, it is a very good treatment for itchy skin. I am blessed with dry skin that needs constant moisturization to keep them intact and therefore, the mention of this treatment got me having this juice as much as I could! I love to munch on papaya, in fact it ranks as one of my favorite fruits. My mattamma has a few trees in her yard back home and she would always bring the raw ones for umma to make curries or stir fries. I would be disappointed as I would be waiting for the ripe ones. Once she knew my fondness, she would ensure to ripen at least a couple of them and keep them only for me to eat. Since this fruit has no other takers, I would selfishly eat all of it. Hehe... Grandmas always love to pamper, right? :)

Off to this super healthy drink...

Papaya Orange Juice
Serves 2


1 cup chopped ripe papaya
1 orange, chopped
1 tbsp honey, for sweetening


Blitz all ingredients together till smooth. Serve immediately.

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