Sweet Corn Salad

To tap away also comes with a mood. These days, my brains seem to be disfunctional. I just don't feel like typing an introduction, not because I don't have topics but because I am in no mood to do so. When such, I feel the best thing to do is to just leave it. However, I don't seem to like the idea of not starting with my general talk, but then, if I am not in a mood, then I need to respect myself and leave me to think more for the coming posts...

The urge to eat healthy is always there though most of the time, it doesn't seem to work. Sometimes, I tell myself that I am going to eat only fruits, come what may be and then by the time it is evening, I am already feeding myself a bowl of chaat! My weight is not helping me out either... at times, the snide remarks from HD irritates me to bits, but then, I still like to work on my excuses of having no time for myself at all... I know it is not a good trend and I must do something about it, but then... OK, let's leave it that. Ever since I started the soup and salad Tuesdays at home, I have been able to stick to the routine, apart from little breaks which happens due to some unavoidable circumstances. One salad that I have been routinely making, apart from the chickpea salad, has been this one. Especially because the kids love sweet corn and they eat this without much fuss. Secondly, it is so easy to put together and filling as well...

Sweet Corn Salad
Serves 4


2 cups boiled sweet corn kernels (frozen, canned or fresh)
2 carrots, chopped
2 cucumbers, chopped
1 onion, minced
2 tomatoes, chopped
3 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper for seasoning


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and toss well to combine. Serve immediately!

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