Kinnathappam (Jaggery Egg Pudding) - My 31st guest post for Remya's Baking and Cooking

I was really happy when Remya approached me for a guest post. I must admit that she is one of the simplest characters I have come across in blogging. No frills attached, and I literally mean it. She is a person of few words, though I love that she is very frank with her comments on the blog. She comments on almost all my  blog posts and that too very generously. I must admit that because of this character, I have a little soft corner to this beautiful lady!

I wanted to make something traditional for Remya and I sincerely appreciate her patience to wait for almost three months to decide what to make for her. In our area, “Kinnathappam” is usually an egg based pudding, though in majority of Kerala, this name is used for a cake like disc made of ground rice and other ingredients, made either sweet or savory. I searched left, right and center for a recipe but could not find it on the net. A call to umma saved me, though it was a typical no-brainer of a recipe... hehe... though making it can give you the same jitters that any steamed egg pudding could give! Despite the limited ingredients, when you bite into a peice, a oozing jaggery liquid plays a dance on your taste buds, making you want for more! 

To read more of the post and the recipe, do hop onto Remya's space! Hope you enjoy the post as much as I did...

And before I close in, somebody was so eager to dig her hands and take a bite. As she bit, she said, "Ummi, photo edukkanam, OK?" (Ummi, you should click, OK?) These are memories, right? So yes, I did click... hehe... :)

Serves 6
6 large eggs, room temperature
A pinch cardamom
125 gm dark jaggery, grated
1 tbsp ghee
6-8 cashew nuts, split
10-15 raisins


Keep your steamer (idli cooker works best!) ready with water on the stove top. Let it be on slow flame for the water to start boiling. Keep a deep small pan for steaming. 

Heat ghee in a saucepan. Fry the cashewnuts and puff the raisins. Switch off and pour in the pan kept for the pudding. Spread the cashews and raisins. Use the ghee to grease all over the pan. 

In a bowl, break in all the eggs. Whisk well with a hand whisk. Add in the cardamom and jaggery and continue to whisk till the jaggery is all dissolved and melted into the egg. You don’t need to double the volume, just whisk till the jaggery is melted – a bit of hand work involved, but better, why? I will tell you in the notes! 

Pour this mixture immediately into the pan. Cover with aluminum foil, prick all over using a fork. Slowly put it into the steamer and close the lid. Steam for 30 to 40 minutes or till the pudding is set and a knife inserted into the center comes out clean. 

Take out of the steamer and allow to cool completely on the kitchen top. You may keep it in the fridge once the pudding reaches room temperature. Cut into square pieces and serve! 


Back home, they would beat eggs with a whisk like thing, which has a long handle and a flower looking base, and made with wood. Beating the eggs with it wouldn’t make fluffy so you would get a flat topped perfectly baked pudding. I made the mistake of beating it using my hand beater and therefore got an unlevelled top, which looked more like waves on the sea! That is why I thought it was better to whisk with a normal whisk and by hand. Both ways, there is no compromise in the taste! 

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