Jeerakanji (Cumin Rice Porridge) ~ My 34th guest post for Yummy Foods

This is my third tryst with Lubna during Ramadan... From the start of blogging till now... I am thankful to Allah for giving me this opportunity again to work with this charming lady, who is a food blogger that I have been following eagerly even before I started blogging... That explains the reason why I can never say anything else than a "yes" when her "Joy from Fasting to Feasting" enters into its eighth successful season...

First, it was the Masala Aleesa and last year, it was the Kadalapidi. I guess I have almost covered our normal set of Ramadan specials. Except one, and that is what I decided to give Lubna.

Jeerakanji or Cumin Rice Porridge is something that we make almost every night during the month of Ramadan. Cumin is a very good digestive, and a good source of energy. It is a filler and is normally something the men drink just before they go for the long Taraweeh (special Ramadan night) prayers or as the last meal before going to sleep. My kids really love it and they insist on making this every other day. As I was banging my head thinking what to give Lubna this year, Rasha, my elder daughter, came to me and said, “Ummi, it’s been long since we had the yellow kanji. Why don’t you make it?” She calls it so because it is yellow! That is when I remembered that this recipe is not on the blog and decided to get rolling with it. 

To read more and the recipe, do hop onto Lubna's space

Not that I am satisfied with the pictures but the time frame and my mind frame were not in a good state while I was working on this post - let me blame it on them! ;) Hehe... I personally love these bowls, which is a set of six with matching spoons. It comes with a little story...

Every year, the Sharjah Exhibition Center, which is so popularly called Expo, would have a Ramadan fair that runs from the second week of Ramadan till the third day of Eid. We always make it a point to visit at least once. Even if we don't buy anything, we would just walk around to see the stuff. Three years ago, when my sister was here during Ramadan, we had gone for a visit along with uppa - a very rare case, since he hates to come with us! Hehe... Her eyes fell on this beauty and she insisted she buys one. Umma also put her hand in and I was in two minds. Finally, while asking the shop keeper to pack them, uppa asked a final question, "Veno?" (Do you want?) Then I thought, why should I be left out and I shook my head. Dads are always dads, right? So we three ladies had a bag each in our hand with the same stuff. Would you believe I am opening up the box for the first time for taking these pictures? I guess better late than never! I don't think I have fully captured the pretty bowls in my lousy pictures... :( InShaAllah maybe next time...

Jeerakanji – Cumin Rice Porridge
Serves 4

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