Paal Ice ~ Milk Pops

With the month of Ramadan coming in at any moment from now on, something to remind us of our purpose of life...

With the heat becoming unbearable at times, all I crave for is loads of water and something cold. Ice cream seems to be something that is wanted all the time. The easiest that you can make are these milk pops! Paal ice, as we all call it back home, always brings out fond memories of visiting the beach. When we were small and used to travel home during our summer vacations in July and August, it used to be mandatory to have at least one visit to the beach, though it would never be limited to one. Even though it would be raining and the sea would be wild, we would still hold onto any little cart having these paal ice to sell. Everybody would expect us being "gulf kutties" to be a bit backward in having these ice lollies from the dirty looking cart, but we would happily lick them off to glory, much to their surprise! Nowadays, they have been replaced by small vans selling commercial icecream and the old fun is certainly missing. We can only recreate the recipe and explain our little memories to our children, nothing more than that we can do, right? :)

Paal Ice ~ Milk Pops
Makes 6


250 ml milk
1/3 cup condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla essence


Using a hand blender, combine the ingredients till well blitzed. Pour into popsicle moulds and freeze overnight.

To pull out, rub the mould within your hands and pull out the popsicle OR run the mould for a few seconds in warm water, and then unmould. Lick and enjoy!


You can replace the condensed milk and use some cream and sugar to taste instead!

I had a tough time clicking this. First of all the kids were so eager to lick them right away and both of them were giggling so much, with shaky hands that I had to literally roll my eyes to hold their hand steady. Rasha managed to tightly grasp them, but by that time, her popsicle was already starting to melt... hehe...

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