Parippu Curry ~ Kerala Style Daal (Lentil) Curry

Many of us fasting forget that there is great reward in the duas (prayers) done closer to the time of Iftar. Therefore, sisters are always advised to finish off their kitchen work and close the kitchen at least fifteen minutes before the time of Maghrib. The below Hadith must be motivation enough to do it:

"Whatever is prayed for at the time for breaking the fast is granted and never refused." 

Think of the matters that are the most important to you - your spouse, your parents, your children, your financial difficulty, anything that will ease your life here as well as your aspirations for the hereafter and ask for it. I already have my little list that I have been asking for during this time and InShaAllah, we have to be sincere and hopeful that He will accept our prayers, provided that our requests are Halaal... :)

At time during Ramadan, we do crave for a meal of rice, curry and fish, even though it is not something regular during the time. I always go for curries that I can whip up in no time, like moru curry or umma's tamarind rasam. Today I am sharing this parippu curry, which is sadya style. For those who don't know, sadya is a platter of variety of vegetarian delicacies along with rice that is served during the festivals of Vishu and Onam in Kerala, India. I found this recipe in between the humongous collection of cut-outs I had and looking at the ease of it, I had to try it. Hardly any work and pleasing to the tummy as well... :)

Parippu Curry ~ Kerala Style Daal (Lentil) Curry
Serves 3


1/2 cup masoor dal
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
2 dry chillies
3 tbsp grated coconut
1/2 tsp fennel powder
Salt to taste
1 tsp coconut oil
6 curry leaves


Combine the dal, turmeric and chillies in a pressure cooker with sufficient water. Cook for three whistles on high and switch off. Allow the pressure to go by itself. Open and give a mix. The cooked dal must be thick, so be careful of the amount of water.

Pound the coconut and fennel in a mortar and pestle. Add this to the dal and cook for five minutes on low flame. Add salt.

In a small saucepan, heat the coconut oil and fry the curry leaves briefly. Put into the curry and give it a stir. Enjoy warm with rice, topped with some pure ghee!


Mostly, split gram dal is used for this curry. Since the one I had was with husks, I used masoor dal instead.

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