Puttu (Kerala Steamed Hot Cake) using leftover cooked rice

Ramadan is the month of the Qur'an - the month that marked the beginning of its receipt onto the earth and in the form that we all read it today, Alhamdulillah... I used to always wonder why I have to read the Qur'an to strengthen my inner resolve, but from whatever I have heard as advice or otherwise, I have come to know on a daily basis how much it is affecting me in a good way, especially when positive approach towards life is concerned. A couple of days before, during my mandatory recitation in the morning, which I do just before I start to work, I was going through the last part of Surah Al-Ankaboot (The Spider). The previous day, I was anxious about a lot of things... matters that may not be too important, yet affects a major part of my life. This is what I read:

"Every soul will taste death. Then to Us will you be returned. And those who have believed and done righteous deeds - We will surely assign to them of Paradise [elevated] chambers beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. Excellent is the reward of the [righteous] workers, who have been patient and upon their Lord rely."
(Surah Al-Ankaboot: 57-59)

"And this wordly life, is not but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter - that is the [eternal] life, if only they knew.
(Surah Al-Ankaboot: 64)

It just reaffirms that the life on this earth is temporary, just like its troubles, its happiness, its resources... and what we need to concentrate is to keep ourselves clean so that we can have it in our eternal life. May Allah guide all of us and make this Ramadan as productive as it can be, Aameen...

Cooking up quickly becomes imperative especially when the nights are shorter, during this Ramadan. One thing that will keep coming on my dining table will definitely be this shortcut way to making puttu. I have already used this method while making raagi puttu, this time though everything remains the same, except that I use normal rice flour along with cooked rice to make it, the main intention of this post was to show how soft the puttu becomes this way as well. So one day, you can have normal rice and curry, and the next day you can have puttu - easy peasy! :)

Puttu (Kerala Steamed Hot Rice Cake) 
Using Leftover Rice

All you need to do is to use your leftover rice - best to use is Palakkaadan matta or parboiled rice, mash it up well. Add enough rice flour till it resemble breadcrumbs. Layer it in your puttu maker with coconut in between and steam till done! That's it... 

Serve with bananas and papadums, or with some cherupayar curry or kadala curry, or even with any spicy non-vegetarian curries - my favorites would be the Varutharacha Kozhi Curry and Umma's style beef curry...

It makes a nice filling dinner which will give you enough energy for the next day fasting. For the traditional version of making puttu, like umma makes it, you can check here

See how soft it is... :)

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