Kaithachakka Chawwari Payasam ~ Pineapple Sago Kheer

Eid is almost around the corner, Alhamdulillah... We are still in the blessed last ten nights of this month, so we have to keep our spiritual feeling high, hoping that Laylathul Qadr would or would have dawned upon us, InShaAllah. It is sad that many of us spend our time in the markets for finishing off our Eid shopping and in return, what we lose is immense as far as blessings are concerned. I always make it a point to finish off my Eid shopping prior to Ramadan, so that I don't have any worries about it over the month.

Last year, I did participate in the first version of Eid Eats with this quick fix Semiya Payasam recipe, so when I saw Asiya's post declaring this year's version, I was ready to participate. Just like last time, again I bring in a payasam, or kheer! Hehe... I have been wanting to make payasam with pineapple since long and once when I found a nice big juicy pineapple for a good price, I bought it and immediately dumped into the fridge, and patiently waited for a chance to make it, as though I am a sweet tooth and totally love anything sweet, HD and the kids are weary when it comes to payasams and the B's interest totally depends on his mood. On a weekend, HD's friends suddenly dropped in and all I was given was one hour's time and a demand to make anything sweet. All of a sudden, the pineapple popped into my mind. A little Google search here and there and I made this really awesome payasam. I am not praising it myself, but the gang that came in really loved the sweet and tangy mix and the HD gave an approving smile. B drank it half through but somehow his taste buds found that it had dry ginger powder so he kind of sudden breaked! The kids also had their little share, though they wouldn't have payasam like they would eat chocolate cake... One payasam I would recommend you to try over this Eid, will not regret it, I am sure... :)

Kaithachakka Chawwari Payasam ~ Pineapple Sago Kheer
Serves 8 to 10


1/2 cup sago pearls
2 x 400 ml can coconut milk
600 ml water
1 small pineapple, chopped into small pieces
1 tsp ghee
2 tbsp sugar
1 can condensed milk (397 gm)
3/4 tsp cardamom powder
1/2 tsp dry ginger powder (optional)

For garnish:
3 tbsp ghee
15-20 cashew nuts, split
3 tbsp raisins


Soak sago in some water for 15 minutes.

Combine a can of coconut milk with the water in a saucepan. Cook on low flame till it starts to heat. Drain the sago and add in. Continue to cook on low flame, stirring occasionally till the mixture starts thickening and the sago gets cooked, becoming transparent.

While the sago is getting cooked, heat ghee in a saucepan. Add the pineapple pieces and sugar and cook on medium-low flame, stirring till the pineapple becomes soft. Keep smashing the large bits in between.

When the sago is cooked, add in the soft pineapple and the condensed milk and give a stir. Mix well and cook for five minutes. When the payasam looks done, add the remaining can of coconut milk along with the cardamom and dry ginger powders and cook for two minutes, without allowing it to boil. Switch off.

In a little kadai, heat ghee, fry the cashew nuts. Puff up the raisins and then pour the mixture into the payasam and leave it undisturbed with close lid for five minutes. Serve warm. It tastes equally good when cold as well!


The payasam/ kheer tends to thicken as it sits, Heat water in microwave and pour into the payasam, stirring till it comes back to the correct consistency. Do not boil directly otherwise the coconut milk will break!

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