Be My Guest - Cheese Chilli Carrot Sandwich

As I enjoy my vacation back home, I am so glad that a few bloggers obliged to chip in and keep my blog active during my presence. One of them was Shweta, who blogs at Merry Tummy. I don't think she needs any introduction. The straightforward person that she is, both of us don't believe in buttering each other so  I will leave my introduction, nice, short and sweet, just like she did in her post! Hehe...

I was already a guest at her place a couple of months ago and I am so glad to host her this month as my first guest for the month. Do stay tuned over the month for a couple more guest posts InShaAllah, tweaked in between with a few of my posts as well. Yes, I understand, why this compulsion? I don't know but I really don't feel like leaving my blog hungry when I enjoy myself, because this has been a part of me through a lot of my ups and downs! :)

Without much ado, let us move on and see what she has bought along with her... The title and the pictures had me drooling and craving to have them with a cup of hot chai!

Loves to cook, eat and write. A travel freak too-these 4 things would describe me the best; rest I am always cool and don't have a mind to mind silly things in life. My blog Merry Tummy is my way of sharing a part of my life, kitchen and happiness with the world. You can expect recipes made from scratch, native, traditional, simple, fancy, festive, elaborate or just for the everyday. Come and see for yourself :)

Finger food or nibbles always reminds me of friendship, chats and gossips. That’s why I decided to share a sandwich recipe for her blog.

Cheese Chilli Carrot grilled sandwiches are cheesy, spicy and crunchy. Imagine dollops of cheese, hot green chillies and grated crunchy bits of carrots lay between bread slices –oh yes insanely delicious. Finally, grilled on a pan till crisp and golden on outside and oozing melting cheese from inside –perfect.


4 slices white bread
2 slices cheeses (I used cheddar)
1 green chilli chopped
4 tablespoon grated carrots
2 tablespoon tomato ketchup
2 pinch chaat massala (recipe here)
1 tablespoon butter


Spread tomato ketchup on bread slices.

On two slices, put cheese slices on each. And equally spread green chillies on each bread slice.

On the remaining bread slice spread grated carrots and sprinkle chaat massala on it.

Heat tava/pan on medium heat. Put 1 teaspoon of butter on the pan and roast sandwiches. When cheese starts melting, apply the remaining butter on uncooked side and turn the sandwiches. Roast till sandwiches are crisp and golden.


You can grill these sandwiches in griller or sandwich maker too.

If you can’t find cheese slices, just use grated cheese instead.

A heartfelt thank you for gracing my space when I am not around... Hope all of you enjoyed the post as much as I have enjoyed putting it up here... :) 

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