Guava Milkshake

Guavas are always for eating, as far as I am concerned. Mattamma - umma's mother - had a big tree right in front of the house. When we were small, while on vacation, my morning task would be looking up the tree to find some ripe guavas so that I can ask my maaman (umma's brother) to pluck them for me. At times, the ripe ones would be on the ground, already pocked in  by the irritating crow, but I would still take it, cut off the portion and wash it several times before devouring them.

I first encountered guava milkshake on our Umrah trip last February. When umma and I were walking towards our hotel after Zuhr prayers, we thought of just dropping by a local grocery to pick up some snacks as we had run out them. Since that was the only grocery shop in the vicinity, it was totally crowded. We went in and rummaged through the drinks counter and immediately my eyes fell on the bottle of guava milkshake. Juice, yes, we have all the time as it is widely available and it happens to be the favorite to both of us - the kids know it so well that they would pick it up on our grocery trips, but milkshake was something we were seeing it for the first time. We both loved it, as we sipped it on our walk back home. Somehow, miss that Umrah trip.... It has been more than a year and a half, but still my heart yearns to go back. I must say that the timing was so apt that it opened up a lot of avenues for me to think and change my life, Alhamdulillah for good... So trying to recreate the recipe was what I tried to do when I found some lovely guavas at the supermarket. Nothing complicated, a very straightforward recipe...

Guava Milkshake
Serves 1


2 small guavas, nice and ripe
3/4 cup cold milk
1/4 cup cold water
1 tsp sugar


Chop the guava (no need to peel skin) and grind them with the water till it looks like a coarse paste. Pass the mixture through a seive and press well till all the liquid is collected. Throw away the dry mix.

Pour the extracted juice along with the milk and sugar and blitz till combined. Serve immediately.

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