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After having done three guest posts last month, it is back to having one guest post from this month! Hehe...

We are in the month of Dhul-Hijja and InShaAllah, the day of Arafah is on Wednesday this year. Though this year's Hajj is marred by a very sad crane accident at the Haram - may Allah grant Jannah to those who were martyred during the incident, Aameen... - I am sure with the feel that being at the Haram gives, all the people who have gathered there will be in full spirits to please the Lord. May Allah accept their Hajj and also give us the opportunity to fulfil this obligation soon... Aameen...

Today, I have with me a new blogger who is making waves in the blogging world within the short time that she has been around. I must admit that newer bloggers are more advanced in knowing the nuances of blogging - I am still way behind it in every sense! Hehe... - and she is no different. Her posts caught my attention on a post sharing forum on FB and from then on, I have been in touch with her. A SAHM with three kids, she lives in the same part of the world just like I do. Her pictures are amazing, so as to say - you need to check out her blog to know more!

Meet Fa aka Fareeha, who blogs at Halaal Recipes From Fa's Kitchen. Be ready to drool at her posts, be it the Dum Ghosht or the Sheer Khurma. With Eid-ul-Adha coming up in this week, you can browse through her blog for some new meal ideas. Let me move on to give her the podium and see what deliciousness she brings along...

First of all I would like to thank Rafeeda for giving me this opportunity to write a guest post in her awesome blog. I am totally mesmerized by the way she presents her blog and in awe that she has been doing it for so long. I can't imagine myself doing for so many years with kids, job and everything else. You rock, gal.

My blog, Fa's Kitchen was started around 6 months ago. Unlike others, I don't have a story to tell about the birth of my blog. It was just one fine day that I happened to stumble upon the word "blogging" and soon I started my blog, Fa's Kitchen. What started out on a whim soon turned into an obsession. Now I eat, sleep, dream about my blog 24*7. Being a mom of three cuties, who happen to my blog's best critics and admirers, life goes on non-stop in Dubai. 

With Eid just round the corner, I was pretty excited to write this post. Eid is always a special occasion. Attending the Eid prayers in the Eid Musalla and getting home to cut the sheep, and cooking all the dishes. It's simply a pure joy. And whenever Eid comes, I miss India so much. The way we celebrated it during my childhood. Visiting all our relatives and getting to taste various types of dishes was indeed very special. One of the sweets that I relished a lot was the carrot halwa. I got this recipe from my Aunt which was both simple to make and delicious to taste. Eid was definitely not complete without her halwa. So as a special recipe which you can try for this Eid, here is my carrot halwa recipe. 

·         3 cups carrot, grated
·         4 tbsp ghee
·         2 cardamom
·         2 cups milk
·         1 tin condensed milk

·         Boil milk in a kadai and add the grated carrot and cardamom. Cook till all the milk has evaporated stirring continously.
·         Add ghee to the cooked carrot and fry will the ghee starts leaving the sides of the pan.
·         Now add the condensed milk and mix well and cook until it thickens.
·         Serve warm garnished with nuts of your choice.

Hope you enjoy making and relishing this carrot halwa. Thank you Rafs for giving me this space to present my blog and recipe. <3

Carrot halwa is one of my favorite sweets... I have already shared my recipe previously. This looks cooked just the way I love it, all mashed up and melt-in-the-mouth! JazakAllah Khair, Fa, for appearing on my space. Wishing you a long and fruitful blogging journey... :)

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