Another Leibster on the way!

I have been having a bad time as far as my cooking experiments are concerned. My baingan bartha day before yesterday flopped miserably, the cake I baked yesterday looked awesome from the top but broke while flipping and the pudding I made using Agar Agar didn't set. :( I've really noticed that when I am not in a mood, I shouldn't be cooking - AT ALL, not even a simple tea. Hmmm... so today, no recipe!!! ;)

I am glad to inform you that another Leibster award has come to me from Gujarati Zaika. Thank you so much dear, for passing it onto me.

Thank u dear... :)

I guess I will keep the 11 random things about me and the 11 questions for the next blogs that I need to nominate as same as what I had when I received my first award. But then I'll definitely answer her questions, which seem to be quite simple!!! :)

1. Why you become food blogger ?
Seriously, I still feel surprised that I am a food blogger. As of now, I am doing this because I am passionate about cooking! :)

2. How you select your blog recipes ?
I just do them randomly, whichever I feel like posting. You may have noticed from my blog format, that I keep things planned. :)

3. Who is your favorite famous cook ?
Love Martha Stewart and Nigella Lawson, especially for their desserts!!!

4. Who is you inspiration ?
My inspiration was actually time! I don't have anybody to show in that case. But yes, I admire the cooking of my ammayi (father's sister) and my aunt-in-law (my husband's aunt).

5. What is your favorite cuisine ?
I like to experiment, whichever goes with my tastes, I eat!

6. Your favorite cook book is ?
I love all my cookbooks!!! :)

7. Which is your coming recipes on your blog ?
The next post is a big surprise!!! :)

8. Your most visited blog is ?
I visit all blogs, but then I refer a lot to Shab's Cuisine. There are so many recipes which are very traditional to our place.

9. Your hobby other than cooking is ?
I love to read...

10. Do you want to change your blog name ?
I took a lot of time to come up with that name, I would keep it at that now... :) It actually shows my true identity...

11. Are you going to pass your Liebster award?    
Yes, definitely...

Below is the list of the 11 blogs I would love to give it away this time, again quite difficult to decide on!!!


So that's it for this time. The next post is going to be a big surprise. To know what it is, stay tuned!!! ;)

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