Chicken Croquettes

I love food with stories! :) This one goes back to beginning of the year, when my cousin's marriage was fixed. His fiance was based in Ras-Al-Khaimah. When aunt and entouage were going to her house, she called umma and me as we had not met the girl. Since we are from the boy's family, you can imagine the feast that was arranged. I must say that her umma is a fantastic cook, whatever was served was one over the other excellent. These croquettes were on the menu. I loved what I had though I would have wished to eat more, though umma was really not impressed. This was our first experience...

Post marriage and now that she became a part of our clan, I asked her for the recipe. She had made this a couple of times during the Iftars and it was highly appreciated. She would smile and agree, but then she would just forget. After loads of pestering, she finally messaged me the recipe on Whassup. I did get the reason why she had delayed providing me the recipe - because she relied a lot on her gut instincts to make it and wanted to give me exact quantities, knowing how much I was a stickler to measurements! Not exactly, yeah... if I feel that I can make changes, I would definitely do that! Once I have got the recipe from her, I have made it a few times at home only to be wiped out completely. It is that good... A word of warning though - please don't expect these to be as easy as chicken cutlets as far as handling is concerned. These will give a mini heart attack but it is all worth it. Just handle them with delicate hands, ensure to dip them properly in the egg and breadcrumbs so that they don't break up in the oil. Off to the way I made it...

Chicken Croquettes
Serves 4-6


350 gm boneless chicken
1 tsp garlic paste
Salt and pepper to taste
25 gm butter
1/2 cup all purpose flour
300 ml milk
100 ml chicken stock reserved *
2 green chillies chopped (increase for spiciness)
1 small onion, minced
Breadcrumbs, as required
3 small eggs, beaten
Oil for deep frying


Cook the chicken with garlic, salt and pepper in a pressure cooker till done. Reserve 100 ml chicken stock * and dry the chicken of its remaining stock on high heat, till all get coated. Allow to cool. Grind the chicken and set aside.

In a saucepan, heat butter. As it melts, add the flour and saute till color changes. Now add the milk and whisk continuously till no lumps. The sauce will start to thicken. Add in the chicken stock reserved and cooked till it thickens again. Finally add the chillies and onion and cook for a minute. Add the ground chicken and mix well. Check for salt and pepper. Switch off the flame.

Pour this mixture into a flat baking pan. Allow it to come to room temperature. Cover with cling film and keep in the fridge for a couple of hours for it to set.

When it is time to fry, bring out the mixture. Keep the eggs and breadcrumbs handy. Heat oil in a deep frying pan.

Now is the tricky part! Take a small ball size of the mixture and shape into a cylindrical shape. Slowly dip into egg to coat completely and roll it into breadcrumbs. The mixture may be really fumbly but do not panic. Just shape it, dip and roll and keep it in a plate.

When the oil is hot enough (drop a pc of mixture, if it puffs up, then it is hot...), drop a couple of croquettes and fry till golden brown. Drain onto kitchen towel.

Serve warm over a cup of tea - delish! :)


1. Roast the flour well and pour the milk in slowly, as they tend to lump quickly. Ensure to whisk continuously in this process. If there are lumps, then you can pass the mixture through a blender.
2. Cook till the consistency is slightly thicker than bechamel sauce. Once it cools, it becomes easier to handle.
3. If you feel you are not able to shape them, don't worry! Just shape it like you can, dip in the egg and roll on the breadcrumbs. Allow it to rest for sometime, and while it is going to be put into oil, just slowly shape into the cylindrical. You will definitely get better looking croquettes. :)

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