Kerala Style Baked Chicken - My 2nd guest post on "Love2Cook Malaysia"!!!

This was actually supposed to be my first guest post, but then the post for "Cooking with Thas" just happened without much planning and this post has become my second guest post in less than a week!

Whatever said, this post is very close to my heart. I am just a little more than one month old and I am really honored to appear on a very well known and appreciated food blog for a guest posting. I do not think that Love2cook Malaysia - or Sri as is her name - needs any introduction. She cooks some of the most simple, yet amazing meals and her pictures are absolutely drool-worthy.  She was one of the first food blogs I used to drool upon before discovering many many more. Her blog makes me feel that she's somebody living right next door! I am sure all of us would agree to that statement...

As soon as she invited recipes for guest posts, I was really not sure if I should try, especially since it was my first attempt for something like this. First of all, I am a little blog in midst of so many well established blogs with amazing pictures and even more fantastic recipes. Secondly, the recipe I had in mind was a very simple one. I just compiled up myself and emailed Sri. I was very happy on receiving back her appreciation and how much she thought the recipe I had given her as really good!!! This shows how universal cooking is. I may know something that you do not know, so it is a constant process of learning different cuisines, different styles of cooking and so on. At the end of the day, we all help each other in ensuring that the people at home are smiling due to their yummy tummies!!! :) I am so grateful to have received a wonderful friend and support in the form of Sri...

Hop on to Sri's space to have a look at the recipe. Thank you so much Sri for this opportunity!!!

Serves 5-6

  1. Remove the skin of the chicken and wash properly, pat dry. Slit on both the side of the drumsticks. 
  1. In a pan, combine all the other ingredients to form a thick paste - there is no need to add water, since the ginger-garlic paste and vinegar will act its part. 
  1. Put the chicken into the mixture and nicely rub into it, ensuring proper coating. Marinate the chicken for a minimum of one hour, or overnight for the best results. 
  1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Arrange the drumsticks on your roast pan, drizzle coconut oil on top and bake/ grill your chicken till done. Ensure to turn the chicken around during the midst of the session and drizzle some more coconut oil on the other side. 
  1. I baked the chicken for approximately 50 minutes till done. During the last 5 minutes, sprinkle curry leaves on the chicken and bake for the 5 minutes. 

NB: Please do not overbake the chicken, as it tends to dry out. To check its doneness, poke a knife into the flesh of the chicken. If juices are oozing out, it is done!
This recipe can be used for whole chicken as well. I've used the spices as per my family's tastes, you can add more chilli powder/ pepper powder if you like it to be more spicy. Enjoy the chicken with chapathis or hot Kerala porottas!!!
Tip: Either you can use the stock in the pan as it is or you can chop some onions, capsicum and frozen vegetables and stir fry along with the stock for some yummy sides. 

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